Hey friend! I'm Devanne Aceves - born and raised in Midland. After earning my degree, I gained experience living and working in various Texas cities like Lubbock, Abilene, and Austin before returning to my hometown.

My coding journey began unexpectedly one summer in 2018. I had an account on this cool artist website that let you customize your page using HTML and CSS. At the time, I had zero clue about coding languages - I just followed guides from other users, copying and pasting lines to add colorful backgrounds, badges, and other fun decorations. Soon enough, I realized I'd accidentally stumbled into the world of coding, and I was eager to learn more!

That fall, I started as a cashier at a grocery store in Lubbock. As it turned out, my coworker was the future campus director of Lubbock Coding Academy - it was really a right place at the right time sort of moment for me. I jumped at the opportunity and was the first to sign up for this new bootcamp. Even spoke in an interview with KCBD.
By fall '19, I was teaching LCA's Early Code afterschool program. Working with the kids at Dunbar Prep was the highlight - so rewarding to impact their lives through coding.

Besides coding, I'm all about digital art, karaoke, reading (send book recommendations!), cycling (follow me on Strava), and being a dog mom to my shih tzu Bubby. I'm big into games, primarily on my Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and really any game my little laptop can handle; and horror movies - especially in theaters!
Thanks for reading, feel free to reach me on my socials!